"MR. 60%" winners per the Sports Monitor, Inc:

- 2022 MARCH MADNESS (7-2 78%) .. #1 RANK

- 2021 NBA (19-6-1 76%) ... #1 RANK

- 2021 NHL HOCKEY (18-12 60%) ... #1 RANK

- 2020 NFL (29-11-1 63.3%) ... #2 RANK

- 2020 NFL PLAYOFFS (3-2 60%) ... #5 RANK

- 2019 NFL PLAYOFFS (3-1 75%) ... #3 RANK

- 2019-20 College Bowls (5-0 100%) .. #1 RANK

- 2019 NBA (17-11-1 60.7%) ... #4 RANK

- 2018 NHL HOCKEY (23-9 71.9%) ... #1 RANK

- 2018 MARCH MADNESS (13-5 72%) ... #2 RANK

- 2018 NFL PLAYOFFS (4-1 80%) ... #4 RANK

- 2017 NFL (22-14 61.1%) ... #5 RANK

- 2017-18 College Bowls (5-1 83%) ... #1 RANK

- 2017-18 NBA (43-26 62.3%) ... #2 RANK 

- 2017-18 NHL (23-12 65.7%) ... #1 RANK 




Are you tired of losing? Are you tired of bullshit sales pitches? Do you want to find a sports handicapper that will put the work in day in and day out and most important, someone you can trust? If you answered ďyesĒ to the previous questions, then you have come to the right place. My name is Big ďRenoĒ Rick, and I have been a professional sports handicapper and bettor since 1985. I live in Reno, Nevada, and this is also where my office is located. I have a great deal of knowledge in the sports betting market as this is what I have built my life on. Every day I spend 12 Ė 14 hours a day breaking down all the games, talking with the sports syndicates, and seeing where the lines and money moves are happening. Iím not here to throw some bullshit at you. Iím a real person and betting these games is how I pay my bills and make my living as well as my wife happy. Itís just me, I run a one man show, you will always be dealing with me, and Iím here 365 days a year to help make you some money.

Iím very proud of the product that I have built over the last 25 years, and I stand behind my success 100%. I win, and I make money and have been doing so for the last 25 years. If I didnít make money, my wife would have made me get a real job by now. Sports betting should always be viewed as an investment, and before you even start, you should set a goal. For example, when I make $1,000, I will cash out and keep playing on my original bankroll. If you donít have goals, then you will just keep betting your winnings, and you wonít get to enjoy your money. Thereís nothing better than betting and making some extra money. Itís like you are getting paid to watch the game. When you see the results, you will sign up on your own. I will never make a sales call to you.

I handicap all major sports and my plays are valued between 6 Ė 10 units. My plays will be posted on my website by 6:15 p.m. EST during the week and by 12:15 p.m. EST on the weekends. I encourage all of my clients to keep a clear head and use good money skills, this stuff is tough! We wonít win everyday, but we will win long-term. I have proved that over the last 25 years!

My name again is Big ďRenoĒ Rick, and I have the knowledge and know the people to take you to the level of sports betting that you want to be. What are you waiting for? Start building your bankroll with my top rated plays today! Jump onboard, and letís finish the year out great! E-mail me with any questions that you may have. Iím always here to answer and will help you any way that I can.

-Big ďRenoĒ Rick   

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